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About us

Meet the team

L. Oyunaa

Executive Director

Dr. Oyunaa is the Executive Director of Leading Researchers NGO. She is well known as a public health professional in Mongolia and her nickname is Health promotion Oyun because she was one of the first specialist in health promotion and has been working in this area since 1997.

L. Sayanaa

Board Member

Ms. L. Sayanaa is a Board Member of Leading Researchers NGO. She has a Bachelor’s degree in American and Commonwealth studies from the National University of Mongolia and Master’s degree in International relations from the George Washington University, USA.

L. Ariunaa

IT Team Leader

L. Ariunaa has been working in information and communications technology sector of Mongolia for over 20 years, starting her career from software developer.

G. Temuujin

IT Specialist

G.Temuujin studied in the United Kingdom in Network Engineering and Telecommunications for 3 years. He has experience in providing IT site support for various companies and has been involved in many IT related projects.



Ms. B.Nomingarav is a Researcher of "Leading Researchers" NGO. She has Bachelor’s degree in Management of Information System from the Institute of Financial and Economics.

G. Erdenetsetseg


Ms. G. Erdenetsetseg is a Researcher of "Leading Researchers" NGO. She has Bachelor’s degree in Management of Information System from the Institute of Financial and Economics.

Mr. Temuujin

Health promotion media officer

Mr. Temuujin has degree in Media communication and specialized in production of television programs on various health topics.

Dr. Battugs

Public health projects and programs monitoring and evaluation specialist

Dr.Battugs has a medical decree from University of Ukhaan, People’s Republic of China and Master in Public Health from the University of Kebangsan, Malaysia.

Mr. Saruulbat

Health promotion media producer

Mr. Saruulbat had worked for many years at the National Television Broadcasting Agency as a general producer of national TV programs.

“Leading Researchers” NGO is a non-profit, no membership, public serving non-government organization contributing to the development of the society and economy of Mongolia and works to consult in social and economic areas, to conduct research work, and to provide information according to domestic and international organizations’ standards.


To become international level comprehensive research center


To contribute to accelerate Mongolia’s social and economic development through the provision of quality research information


To collect research and information related to social and economic development, to analyze, to develop policy recommendations, to organize trainings and to establish and strengthen capacity of organizations and users according to the needs of users, clients, and cooperating organizations.

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