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Past Projects

Major milestones of “Leading Researchers”:

Consulting services on development of social promotion program of health insurance

    Within the framework of “Social health insurance reform” project which is implemented in close collaboration with the Social Insurance General Office (SIGO) and German Development Agency (GIZ) provided a consulting services on development of social promotion program of health insurance.

   This consultancy service consisted from:

  1. Review of mass media and provision of analysis information published, broadcasted in local and national media on health insurance
  2. Development of social marketing training program for the staff of SIGO on promotion of health insurance. The training program was based on results of media analysis conducted at stage one. The training program included sessions on knowledge and skills building on social marketing, on behavior change and on health insurance promotion work plan development, and monitoring and evaluation indicators
  3. Delivery of the training for the selected staff of SIGO using participatory teaching methods, and behavior change theories
  4. Provision of professional guidance and support in finalization of the social marketing program to promote health insurance general public

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