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Past Projects

Major milestones of “Leading Researchers”:

The impact Evaluation of the Information Society project for the Zavkhan province

    FLOM has implemented “Information Society” project in Zavkhan aimag, involving Governor’s office, Education and Cultural Department, Universities and secondary schools.

    The main purpose of the project was to provide information and technological education to staff of government and non-governmental organizations, organization of training for preparation of trainers.

   ​In December 2012, FLOM has engaged Leading Researchers NGO to conduct evaluation of the “Information Society” project. During this evaluation, the staff of Leading Researchers NGO has interviewed representatives of different target groups, namely 1) governor’s office representatives; 2) education and cultural department staff; 3) lecturers and students at branch of National University of Mongolia in Zavkhan aimag and 4) teachers and students of secondary schools at Zavkhan aimag center.

    ​The results of interviews have been compiled into evaluation report and submitted to FLOM office in Mongolia.

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