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Board Member

Ms. L. Sayanaa is a Board Member of Leading Researchers NGO. She has a Bachelor’s degree in American and Commonwealth studies from the National University of Mongolia and Master’s degree in International relations from the George Washington University, USA.

Ms. L. Sayanaa has been involved in information and communications technology sector since 2002 starting with her participation as an executive assistant in the development of “IT sector profile of Mongolia” sponsored by the Government of Mongolia and the World Bank. Since then, she has been extensively involved in the planning, organization and implementation of the wide range of international and national conferences, trainings, projects and initiatives on information and technology development in Mongolia in partnership with governmental agencies, international organizations, donor countries and private sector.

She was involved in “Academy of ICT for Development for Government Leaders” in Mongolia in cooperation with the United Nations Asia Pacific Institute for ICT, “Documentation of case studies of Public Private Partnership in Mongolia” supported by UNICEF, “Organizing advanced level-up ICT training for primary school teachers in Mongolia” in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of Mongolia and the Education for all - Fast Track Initiative of the International Catalytic Fund.

Ms. L. Sayanaa has made valuable contribution to the promotion of IT education in Mongolia. In 2006, she has led the project team of Intec Company and other partners to establish the very first internationally recognized IT training center in Mongolia – APTECH Worldwide Mongolia Training Center in Ulaanbaatar city as official partner of Aptech Worldwide, a leading IT education provider in India. In 2007, the APTECH Worldwide Mongolia Training center was recognized as having the Best Training Curriculum by the joint selection committee represented by the ICT Agency of Mongolia, “My Computer” journal and MIDAS/MONITA NGO, and in 2008, received “Rising star” award from Aptech WorldWide India.


 In 2008, Ms. L. Sayanaa has also launched the very first educational institution of Mongolia to provide professional multimedia training – ARENA Multimedia Mongolia Training center also as official partner of Aptech Worldwide, a leading IT education provider in India.  


Suite -1, 2nd floor, ‘Happy Tower” building, Khilchdyn gudamj, Bayanzurkh district, 15th khoroolol, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: http://www.leadingresearchers.mn/

Phone: 976-70158570

L. Sayanaa

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