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  • From Zavkhan aimag center to Zavkhanmandal soum for SPADE project
  • Interview of individual for SPADE project
  • Flying to Zavkhan aimag center for SPADE project 
  • Interview of individual for SPADE project

To contribute to accelerate Mongolia’s social and economic development through the provision of quality research information

On going projects

    The Third Health Sector Development Project  (THSDP) of the Asia Development Bank (ADB) in Mongolia supports the 2006-2008 Country Strategy and Program pillar of inclusive social development and is included in the ADB's Mongolia Country Strategy Program and Update (2007-2009). The impact of the Project is improved health status and quality of life for the population of Mongolia.

    The aim is to launch an advocacy and information campaign, about core concepts and benefits of the primary care reform.

    Leading Researchers NGO to conduct general awareness on recent reforms introduced in primary health care (Soum health center and Family health center) amongst the public, health and local government managers though various national advocacy campaigns to ensure the successful implementation of the reform.


    Provide MoH/PIU with an action plan, campaign messages and materials, enabling the MoH/PIU to contract-out and launch delivery of an (i) advocacy campaign targeting local government staff, and health care providers; (ii) Campaign targeting the general public to promote primary care reform awareness.


  1. Assess the awareness and identify the key messages to be delivered to target groups: (i) Government officials; (ii) health care providers; and (iii) General public.
  2. Strengthen government and health managers’ SHC/FHCs staff capacity to achieve  better efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness to the primary care reform; guide and monitor primary health care reform;
  3. Increase utilization of primary care services by the local community, empowering community to seek primary health care, enhance knowledge on gate keeping function of SHC/FHCs among general public.  

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